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Windows 10 is a popular operating system designed and launched by Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft is an IT giant which has its headquarter in America. Out of a vast range of consumer electronics and software products of Microsoft, Windows OS is the best gift given by Microsoft to the world. It is the highest used OS across the globe with more than seven versions starting from Windows 3.0. Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows OS which was released in 2015.

Windows 10 includes the following unique features:-

  • 3D in Windows 10- Windows 10 contains the full collection of 3D tools and resources. You can create amazing things in a new dimension
  • Photos App- It helps to organize, edit and share your digital memories
  • Security- The comprehensive and built-in security systems such as Anti-Phishing, Firewalls, etc. offered by Windows 10, help to keep you and your data safe from malicious activities
  • Windows Hello- it is the process to use your face, fingerprint for a secure and password free sign in
  • Windows Ink- You can mark it up, doodle, draw and sign like never before with Windows 10 digital pen
  • Microsoft Edge- It is the default web browser included in Windows 10 OS and is now available on iOS and Android also
  • Cortana- It is digital assistance provided by Microsoft to you to help you to give reminders etc.
  • Continuum- It is an excellent feature of Windows 10 which allows using your phone as a PC by switching the user interface and making it suitable for PC

Although Windows 10 is the most preferred OS in the world, it carries many errors along with it which usually appear over time. Installation error, updating error, Blue screen of death error, etc. are the common problems which every Windows 10 user may come across. In case you are looking for Windows 10 Support, our experts can deliver you with the same.

Is your Windows 10 OS showing following errors?

  1.    Invisible internet use
  2.    Blue screen of death error
  3.    Automatically installing updates when you click on Shut Down
  4.    Sharing too much data with Microsoft and syncing browsers across different devices which involves the transmission of your browsing history, bookmarks, favorites, website passwords, etc. to Microsoft
  5.    The absence of all the programs in the start menu
  6.    Cortana is not working properly
  7.    Error while installing Windows 10

Do not hire any local service provider if you encounter any of the errors mentioned above. Our executives are waiting for your call regarding Windows 10 issues and are ready to resolve those errors with quick and affordable solutions. Call at our Windows 10 Support number by dialing +1-888-681-9401 and get all your problems solved by our skilled experts.

Need help to repair Windows 10 errors? Contact us by dialing +1-888-681-9401:-

Windows 10 Customer Service have phone support, mail support and live chat support facilities out of which you can choose the option you prefer and connect with us. We will resolve all the errors with immediate action and at an affordable rate.


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