Install or Uninstall Windows 10 OS

Microsoft’s Windows 10 OS is one of the latest versions of Windows operating system software. It runs across all Windows product such as Smartphones, tablets, Xbox One, Surface Hub, etc. It is a part of Windows NT series system software. Windows 10 supports a wide range of Microsoft products. If you are tired of using the old and backdated version of Windows, then it is high time for you to install Windows 10 OS. The latest version with updated software provides high-quality performance boosts productivity and saves our precious time. Are you facing a problem with your OS or getting stuck while installing Windows operating system? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. Our experts will help you to install or uninstall Windows 10 OS  in real time.

Here are some of the problems that one encounters while installing Windows 10 OS:

Low Disk Space:  Free disk space is required on the hard drive to install Windows 10 OS. After removing few files, it is recommended to remove more files to make some available. Less free storage is one of the major problems that users often face.

IOS image issues: Microsoft Media Creation gets damaged if the Microsoft tool is used for burning a disc. It is very difficult to modify the files once it is written to the disc or drive.

Error codes: Sometimes all program stops performing during Windows 10 OS installation and error messages pop-ups saying something went wrong with the process.

Incompatible hardware: Windows 10 operates on a multifarious hardware that includes low power systems and Atom-based tablets. Speed lesser than 1GHz or RAM less than 1GB will not allow the installation to get completed.

Windows update not working: If a system is upgraded, Windows fails to send a message or message popups get blocked.

Performance issues: It is quite frustrating when computer hangs or performs slow. Malicious files and unwanted files hinder the system from running fast.

Steps to install Windows 10 OS:

In case you are stuck in the installation process, feel free to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First Enter Computer’s BIOS
  • Set the computer to boot from DVD or USB
  • Then choose Windows 10 clean install option
  • Get the Windows 10 license key
  • Then select hard disk or SSD

Get help from the experts: Dial +1-888-681-9401 for support:

There are a couple of common installation errors that one encounters while installing the OS. To get rid of this problem our experts will help you with the ways to install Windows 10 from scratch and if any error occurs, Windows 10 Customer Service certified tech guys will fix them. Do not hesitate or delay in dialing our help desk number +1-888-681-9401 We are available 24*7 to assist you at any point in time. One of our experts will help you to uninstall the older version first and then install the newer version.

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